Universal anti-theft hatch kit

SKU number : K9850D

Our universal anti-theft hatch kit is designed to be easily installed on cast iron manhole covers.

It eliminates the noise of the cover when vehicles pass over it and effectively protects equipment from theft and vandalism attempts. Its countersunk screw prevents the buildup of substances (water, sand, etc.) that could damage it, making it robust and durable, and inaccessible to unauthorized persons. The kit works with our TC12 mechanical tool.




Specific shape imprint

  • Pentagon socket head
  • Protection against theft and vandalism


  • Restricts access to your sensitive equipment : technical inspection window, cable pulling chamber and other
  • Removes the clacking of the cover when passing vehicles

Starbolt magnetic key : TC12

  • High torque level
  • Manual tool

The universal steering wheel lock kit, due to its countersunk screw, does not work with magnetic coding.

It is specifically designed for urban environments and provides real security thanks to our TC12 tool.