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Surveillance cameras: a prime target for vandals

Today, insecurity reigns in the lives of individuals and public spaces. Ensuring their protection has become a priority and a central issue for everyone. To answer these questions, which continue to grow, many means are invented and deployed every year. Alarm systems, reinforced barriers, surveillance cameras: there are many solutions that exist to address this insecurity, and that are effective.

The advantage of this security measure is clear: cameras literally filming the scenes, they are a powerful deterrent against thieves and criminals, who could be easily identified. They also alert security personnel or law enforcement in real time of suspicious activities which allows for quick action.

In many sectors… Public and private!

In the public sector, surveillance cameras not only secure buildings but also cities in general. Offices, schools, stores, shopping centers, parking lots… They allow for a reduction in security personnel and ensure the safety of premises, goods and people.

Gradually, surveillance cameras have been domesticated and can now be found in many homes in France. Protecting their property in case of absence, monitoring the outside: the motivations are varied.

A new target for vandals

An effective security system means a challenge for vandals to find its weaknesses. Regularly vandalized, cameras need a reliable security system to be optimal and effective. Adapting to models and your needs, CISM has a range of products adapted to secure access to the management cards of your cameras. Our EPSY range of batons as well as our STARBOLT bolt will be key tools for this purpose: without holes so they cannot be hooked, they are also uncopiable, robust and ensure the security of your products.