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Values and qualities

Values and qualities

Technical know-how

Safety is at the heart of our business and our know-how.

Every day, we strive to offer reliable, robust, and durable solutions through a unique and patented concept that we are proud to implement in each of our solutions: magnetic coding.

This invention guarantees totally unbreakable products because they have no holes and are very resistant. Your equipment is thus protected from difficult conditions and attempts at theft or vandalism. In addition, the reproduction of “wild” keys is impossible at CISM: our technicians are the only ones who can create your products in their workshops.

The magnetic code assigned to each customer is unique and personal. The customer is the only holder of it, and can use it for one or more of their products. The result is a unique and personalized solution!

Services adapted to your needs and desires

We are committed to responding to your requests and needs as best as possible.

The team goes to meet you and thoroughly analyzes your needs and constraints, in order to offer you a specific and tailor-made product. It is thanks to our internal design office that this customization is possible, and that numerous prototypes are regularly created to offer you the best.

The advantage of a structure like CISM is that you will have a single point of contact, attentive and reactive. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our concerns, and we firmly believe that good collaborations are based on good relationships.

We offer a key reproduction service in 48 hours, and all our products are certified and manually checked before being sent to you.