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Vending: A complete range adapted to machines and their enclosures

Vending, or automated vending, has become a ubiquitous part of our daily lives with lightning speed. The machines, available from many brands and manufacturers, are everywhere: in our businesses, train stations, medical facilities, and even in the middle of cities. The industry continues to grow and expand into new public and private sectors.

While the health crisis has had a negative impact on the market, it is growing again and offering increasingly innovative and ambitious services. In addition to distributing drinks, candies, and snacks, these machines also offer the distribution of small items and various equipment.

A market impacted by thefts and acts of vandalism

Vending machines are self-service and unsupervised, making them particularly vulnerable to attempts at damage, theft, and vandalism. The location of the machines, often in highly frequented areas, means that these acts are not isolated incidents and that real measures must be put in place to ensure their security.

As the techniques of vandals become more sophisticated, it is important to study and understand the market so that these spaces remain welcoming and attractive.

A comprehensive range, designed to secure vending machines and armored or decorative casings

Since the security of these equipment is a priority, we have designed a specific range, suitable for different types of machines and casings. Our insert barrel locks, T-handles, and S10 ball cannons ensure optimal security through magnetic coding. The model is to be determined based on your machine/casing and your needs. Without an opening, our products are unpickable and uncopyable, highly deterrent for vandals, beginners as well as experienced ones!