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Public lighting: towards total security of candelabra

Effectively protecting public lighting is becoming an increasingly difficult challenge. In recent years, acts of theft and damage to masts have become common, especially because the presence of copper cables inside them makes them a significant target. These copper cables are easily and profitably sold, which leads to many acts of vandalism. The consequences of this resurgence of malicious acts are multiple: financial losses, material losses, but also consequences for the safety of individuals.

Public lighting, a field with many competitors… and products!

Public lighting, unlike the railway or electricity network, has many manufacturers. From rustic candelabra to state-of-the-art masts, they have different shapes, materials, and sizes. However, they all require reliable, durable, and effective protection against malicious acts and difficult weather conditions.

A product that adapts, developed to meet these issues

At CISM, we are aware of the problems inherent in public lighting. So we went to the manufacturers to understand their needs and develop a product that will meet them. Our anti-theft kit, made up of the magnetic starbolt screw, adapts to all types of masts. The range we have developed can be installed on both new masts (reference) and existing masts.