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Custom lock design and development

In addition to developing highly standardized products for the industrial lock world, CISM’s engineering department is tasked with designing custom locks.

Our strategic vision for development heavily relies on our ability to create specific locks in response to a wide range of market issues, such as security, vandalism, corrosion, PPE, and many others.

Our expertise in these personalized studies is recognized by major industry players. We develop custom locks under confidentiality agreements that meet specifications established with our clients. A dedicated contact oversees the entire design process. The proximity to our manufacturing service provides the flexibility and responsiveness necessary for the success of such projects. The integration of our patented magnetic technology concept offers often surprising opportunities: no holes in the barrels, tamper-proof keys, materials adapted to difficult environments, etc. These are innovative solutions for every problem.

A design office at your service

As part of this strategy focused on the development of custom locks, the mission of the design office is very broad. At the outset of a project, the design office is responsible for establishing a precise¬†specification sheet in collaboration with our clients’ technical experts. This can involve developing new products or evolving an existing product.

The design office is also responsible for the overall project timeline. It has access to 3D design software and equipment, which allows for highly detailed simulations to be conducted, integrating all technical constraints, and presenting various possible options at each stage.

The dynamism and responsiveness of our teams are essential advantages in the success of your project. The design office is also responsible for the creation of validation or commercial presentation prototypes.


A locking solution for every challenge!

Whatever the challenge and the environment in which the problem arises, CISM positions itself with innovative locking solutions. Our magnetic concept is a technological breakthrough compared to all existing products on the lock market. Broken keys, problems of corrosion and blockage of barrels, use in particularly aggressive environments that can cause locks to become stuck (freezing, industrial dust, seaside, etc.), our concept without an orifice is particularly well adapted. Our experience expands year by year and project by project. Whether in the context of launching anti-vandalism products dedicated to certain markets such as vending or public lighting, or in the integration of the magnetic coding concept into specific personal protective equipment, our design office has demonstrated its ability to imagine, design and develop the products of tomorrow.