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Traffic lights / Speed cameras

Traffic lights / Speed cameras

Traffic lights and speed cameras: towards securing urban protection equipment

When we think of vandalized equipment in urban areas, speed cameras are at the forefront. While the state refuses to communicate on the exact figures for these damages, they have been on the rise in recent years. The schemes to get rid of them are becoming more and more original, and no area is spared.

However, they are not the only ones targeted by damage. In general, it is all the equipment that suffers and requires special attention. Traffic lights, for example, are regularly forced and put out of service.

Financial, human, and security damages

In the first place, these damages incur significant costs for communities. Repairs are costly, and the resulting expenses cannot be invested in other development or security projects. In the second place, the deterioration of these assets poses a security problem. Traffic lights and speed cameras are responsible for enforcing traffic laws and, therefore, the safety of users. They must be extra vigilant in the absence of these devices until they are replaced or repaired.

Prevent… To better heal

The reasons for these deteriorations are diverse: to avoid fines, to steal materials, to damage as a form of protest… They must be studied and understood. While it may seem impossible to completely eliminate these acts, it is important to minimize them as much as possible.

At CISM, we offer security solutions for these equipment that are effective because they are deterrent. In fact, our magnetic coding system, which is still unknown to the general public, makes it impossible to pick the lock and is particularly resistant to attempts at break-ins. To secure your traffic lights and speed cameras, we recommend our STARBOLT magnetic bolt.