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Organizational chart of keys

Organizational chart of keys

What is an organizational chart of keys ?

Organizational charts allow for the hierarchy of access rights on one or more structures in order to best meet the overall organization of a structure. Building expansions, securing new locations… many situations can lead to an increase in the number of keys. Therefore, their management is essential.

At CISM, we provide a clear organizational chart to reduce your key ring and have optimal security !

Our experts are by your side

CISM deploys and optimizes a specific and tailored organizational chart according to your needs and expectations. Our teams are available to provide their expertise and knowledge, because the key to a good organizational chart is understanding the initial customer need and synthesizing strategic points. An optimized organizational chart is a guarantee of optimized security, but also a reduction of intervention times by authorized personnel.

Multi-product key

The CISM organizational chart is fully compatible with multiproduct keys, meaning the use of unique keys for multiple different equipment (cylinders, boxes, locks, gates…)