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History of the company

History of the company

A beautiful story that is just beginning

The origin of this beautiful project dates back to 2002.

It all starts with an inventor who gets robbed by lock picking… Not good! Believing that traditional locks and barrels are no longer sufficiently safe due to the numerous break-ins and acts of vandalism, he thinks of a new way to secure them as effectively as possible.

As the saying goes: “A bad lock attracts the picker”. He then imagines locks that would be totally unpickable. His invention is based on the mastery of magnets: they are a powerful resource that, when used correctly, can do wonders!

The first prototypes are quickly materialized, and work as follows: unpickable and inviolable locks without a hole, thanks to a concept that is both new and unique: magnetic coding. The same year, this innovation will receive the ANVAR award (National Agency for Research Valorization) and the gold medal at the Lépine competition. To protect the unique potential of this innovation, an international patent is filed.

The birth of an innovative and committed company

The following year, in October 2003, SA CISM was created. CISM, or Concepts and Innovation of Magnetic Systems, is led by Mr. Jean Noël ARLAUD. The adventure begins! The company receives the title of National Laureate in the competition for the creation of innovative technology companies organized by the Ministry of Research.

CISM starts with a limited product range and finds its customers in specific markets. Innovation is appreciated, the products work and prove themselves compared to traditional security systems. The confidence placed in its products allows it to expand its range and create new ones for other uses.

CISM is committed to using quality materials by carefully choosing its suppliers. These are mainly companies that work in the field of precision machining and milling.

A project that persists… And expands

In 2019, Jean-Noël ARLAUD passed the torch to Garip AYTEN, who has been the General Manager of the company since. Today, CISM relies on its cohesive team to move forward and achieve its goals. In its facilities based in Clermont-Ferrand, the team and workshop are busy meeting the increasingly numerous requests of its customers.

Present today in sectors as diverse as varied (public lighting, urban protection, vending…), CISM begins to export and bring its expertise abroad. This is just the beginning !