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An expertise in 4 business areas


█ CISM Locks 


Cylinders, threshing machines, padlocks,… organization charts

CISM Screws


Vis antivol à tête débrayable

CISM Vending


Locks for vending machines of all brands

█ CISM engineering


Development of tailor-made products, specifications


Magnetic coding for your safety

►100 % copy-proof and non-pickable

French manufacturer, CISM designs and manufactures high security locking systems which are based on a unique and patented concept, without orifice and without any energy source. Thanks to our magnetic coding, all our products have no holes. They are suitable for harsh environments as well as for fighting vandalism.

Resolutely turned towards innovation and driven by the search for performance and quality, the CISM team is your privileged partner to respond to your security issues. Our technical service is at your disposal for any specific needs and adaptations or for the study of an optimized organization chart solution adapted to your application.

Our magnetic locks guarantee you:

French Fab

  • No picking
  • Key cannot be copied
  • No foreign body
  • Fight against vandalism
  • Resistant to frost, sand…


New product

STARBOLT anti-theft screw 

Anti-theft screw with detachable head and magnetic coding

This screw revolutionizes the screws market, watch without further delay our VIDEO

They trust us…




◢ The new generation key

We are manufacturer of high security locks. Our concept of magnetic locks does not require any energy source and offers a very high coding capacity. The lock cylinders are without orifice and therefore particularly suitable for combating all forms of vandalism.

On the other hand, all of our safety barrels are very easily adaptable in place of existing products. Communities, industrialists, Vending professionals, street lighting and street equipment… many major players have already adopted our security locks.

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