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High security solutions, tailored to your needs and equipment.

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A unique patent: magnetic coding

An innovative technology, exclusive to CISM, that allows for the control of magnetic fields for the purpose of security.

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Custom solutions tailored to your needs

An internal design office, working closely with our installers, to create tailored solutions for all types of equipment and needs

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A company located in the Puy-de-Dôme region in the heart of the Auvergne volcanoes

For 100% French production, local and quality service !

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CISM, manufacturer of high security locking systems

As a French manufacturer of magnetic locking systems, we offer reliable and high security solutions. We design and assemble our locks in our workshops to provide optimal security against theft attempts and vandalism.

We meet all security needs, from public lighting to vending machines, as well as electrical cabinets and car washing stations... For every security need, we have a solution !

Our locks are 100% uncopyable and unpickable because they have no hole and are also energy-free and resistant to difficult environments (risky places, frost, sand...)

Quality products

Made in Auvergne

Energy-free and maintenance-free

Customized to fit your needs

Highly secured


Custom locks tailored to your needs and equipment

Our security solutions are designed to adapt to you and your equipment. If our existing products do not meet your needs, our research department has the ability to prototype and create a custom solution for you.

We ensure that our solutions can be used with new or existing equipment and strive to secure them as best as possible.
This is the advantage of a company of our size: the ability to adapt, be responsive, and provide the appropriate product or solution to meet your needs.

Our products


Magnetic flows for your security

Our patented magnetic coding technology ensures unique and robust locking systems. Using precise technology involving magnets and magnetic fields, our locks are guaranteed to be energy-free, hole-free, and therefore pick-proof and copy-proof. Particularly suitable for difficult environments (sand, ice, dust), they effectively prevent theft and vandalism.

Pour chaque problématique,
CISM a une solution !

And if it doesn't exist yet, we'll invent it!
Discover our different product ranges according to your needs.

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