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Electrical cabinets

Electrical cabinets

Securing electrical cabinets, a material and human challenge

Electrical cabinets are sturdy installations that allow for the grouping and protection of the various electrical distribution systems of a building or network.

These equipment have two main functions and objectives: to centralize and secure the electrical inputs and outputs, as well as to protect the people authorized to access them.

These cabinets are used in a wide variety of environments and sectors: rail, maritime, but also road signaling, telecommunications, and renewable energies. The contents of the cabinets are adapted to their environment and their tasks range from the control of surveillance cameras, to the management of public lighting, or the securing of traffic lights.

Properly securing these installations: a significant challenge

Located in more or less sensitive environments, electrical cabinets must be optimally secured to ensure the safety of authorized users who have access to them. There are many electrical risks, so their protection is an important factor to consider.

In addition, challenging weather conditions (cold, sand, etc.) or environments that are particularly prone to vandalism can add to the security issues. It is therefore important to keep in mind that the solutions must be both robust, easy to access for staff, and difficult to reach for unauthorized people.

CISM has the solution!

At CISM, we offer several products that are suitable for securing and protecting your electrical cabinets and boxes. Our cam locks or our European magnetic code cylinders (depending on the installation) provide a real solution to these needs by ensuring efficiency and durability over time.

Thanks to our patented lock technology that has no energy source and no holes, our security systems are unpickable and uncopiable, which allows staff to have free access to the equipment they are responsible for, while significantly reducing attempts at theft and vandalism.

Our products are corrosion-resistant and resistant to extreme conditions, ensuring long-term security regardless of their environment.