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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions


Our unique concept is sometimes subject to many questions. Whether it’s our products or the magnetic coding itself, some questions are asked regularly. To avoid any confusion (and to make you want to learn more), here is a selection of the most popular, and our answers!

Why choose CISM, and what is the difference with a traditional lock system?

Traditional locks are used in many fields and situations, and have shown their effectiveness for many years. However, with the increase in acts of theft and vandalism, it is legitimate to look for other secure and reliable security solutions.

In traditional locks, the mechanism is blocked by a set of small pistons, which are pushed back when the key is inserted. It is the geometric shape of the key that will determine whether the mechanism will open or not. However, these systems can be easily picked, without a key, with a little experience and a lot of patience!

In CISM locks, the pistons are also moved, but under the effect of controlled and channeled magnetic fields. There is no mechanical action between the keys and the lock pistons, as everything works thanks to magnetism. Picking is therefore impossible, as CISM locks have no holes.

Unlike traditional keys, CISM keys are identical… What are their differences?

Externally, there is no difference between two CISM keys. It is inside that everything works, as with our locks! It is the magnetic coding that makes each CISM product unique.

Thus, any “wild” key reproduction is completely impossible! They are only reproducible in our premises, by our approved assemblers, by returning the code issued on the ownership card provided to each customer with our products. You are the only holder of the reproduction rights of CISM keys. This is the guarantee of confidentiality.


Can CISM locks be opened with other magnets or other CISM keys?

The answer is no, it is completely impossible!

Each code is unique and individual… There are millions of different combinations, and the possibility that two customers will have the same is zero. These combinations are created with magnets with different forces and polarities, and magnets do not respond to all magnetic sources. In reality, the right key socket must be paired with the right lock socket… Otherwise the system will not open! All these precepts, multiplied by the number of elements, guarantee that the opening of our locks is only possible with the key associated with it.

The only possibility for a key to open multiple mechanisms… is within the framework of an organigram, chosen in advance by the customer!

Can the code of a CISM key or lock be changed?

It is not possible to change the code of a CISM key or lock. The codes are created internally in our workshops by technicians trained in magnetic coding. They are therefore not modifiable!”

Do magnets lose their energy over time? Is the system durable?

The permanent magnets used in CISM products are of high quality. We strive to work with reliable and trustworthy suppliers. As a result, our magnets are durable, effective over the long term, and CISM products can secure your equipment for many years!