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Screw cap

SKU number : SBAB10

With our STARBOLT screw cap, your existing screws can be preserved and protected.

It is placed over your existing screws and the cap is unlocked with our TA12 magnetic tool. Optimal, quick and durable security without having to make any modifications! The cap functions like our other CISM products: it is uncopyable, un-croppable, and protects against break-in attempts.



Patented magnetic coding

  • Hole-free
  • Burglar-proof
  • Protection against theft and vandalism
  • Restricts access to your sensitive equipments


  • Custom-designed conding, single pattern tool
  • Compatible with socket-head screws or CISM pentagon mechanical screws
  • On single key pattern or keyed alike
  • Key system on request
  • Tight clamping torque

Magnetic tool : TA12

  • Pentagon tool drive
  • Compatible with other STARBOLT products
  • 48H key duplication service

Our screw cap can be installed on many equipment that require secure screws. This includes urban equipment that is exposed to malicious acts. Our screw cap has proven successful on urban radar equipment and posts.