Anti-theft kit for cylindrical lampposts - Mounting on existing masts

SKU number : K1125A

Our K1125A anti-theft kit can be installed on all types of existing cylindrical or cylindro-conical masts. It consists of the patented STARBOLT screw, like our other products in the range, tamper-proof screws, our specific tool for opening the kits, as well as a template and installation instructions.

This reference is designed to replace your current locking systems on already installed masts, and ensure optimal and long-lasting security of your public lighting masts. The kit is simply and quickly installed through drilling, and offers good accessibility to authorized personnel.



Patented magnetic coding

  • Hole-free
  • Burglar-proof / Stop Picking
  • Protection against theft and vandalism
  • Can be mounted on any support (masts, columns, pylons and miscellaneous assemblies, on any material (metal, wood, alu), by any manufacturer


  • No relief on the door
  • Integrated STARBOLT anti-theft screw
  • On single key pattern or keyed alike
  • Custom-designed coding, single key pattern

Magnetic tool : TA12

  • Pentagon head tool drive
  • Compatible with other STARBOLT products
  • 48H key duplication service

Our K1125A anti-theft kits can be installed on existing cylindrical-shaped masts.

There are other references suitable for both new and existing masts.