Charge ports for electric-powered transportation

Epsy cam lock

Electric-powered transportation plays an important role in efforts to reduce greenhouse gases and fine-particle pollution.

Automobile manufacturers have had to adapt by developing a range of electric vehicles. Towns and cities are also working to develop an alternative to standard public transportation systems by providing inhabitants with buses or tramways, car sharing schemes, river shuttles, all powered by electricity.

In parallel to this market for electric-powered transportation, a whole network of electricity charge ports will have to be developed and rolled out nationwide. These ports can be installed at private homes, or public areas managed by local town councils, or at private parking areas managed by shops or hotels.

Charge port manufacturers have therefore developed products designed to be installed at locations on public roads and that have to fit in with all the various environmental constraints. This equipment has to fit in with the local architecture, but at the same time, has to be able to withstand assaults where there is a risk of vandalism.

Maintenance hatches, protection of touch screens, and all sensitive components have to be protected and made secure.

The Epsy cam lock range offers an effective solution that protects against intrusion and lock-picking. Depending on manufacturer needs, CISM’s design office can tailor its product to suit the requirements of charge ports