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Security covers

Security covers

Floor hatches: Securing and making accessible, a challenge to be met

Floor hatches made of cast iron are present everywhere in urban areas. Unconsciously, you walk (or drive) on many of them every day!

Their uses are numerous, as they provide access to sewers, water pipes, electrical networks (telephone, fiber …) or even gas. Their opening must therefore be as simple as possible for authorized people, and impossible for vandals.


Securing the hatches, an important financial and material challenge

In urban areas, floor hatches are regularly plundered and vandalized. Their security is therefore important, and some problems must be taken into account. For example, water or sand accumulation in the systems can damage the mechanisms and weaken the security of the hatches.

At CISM, we are aware of these issues, that’s why we have developed a specific product for these hatches, the Anti-theft cover kit. As with our other kits, it is composed of our STARBOLT screw, the difference is that it is flush. Indeed, it allows securing the equipment without fear.

No magnetic coding, but a reliable and robust security

Our anti-theft kits are widely used in the public lighting sector, particularly for securing poles. The magnetic screw provides real added value to the product, as it deters vandals with its clever and patented system. However, our cover anti-theft kits, if they don’t have it, are customized to fit the hatches and provide optimal security, suitable for the urban environment.