Key system

organigramme fonctionnel

A key system lets you rank access rights to one or more buildings/sites/offices in order to optimise a given structure’s general organisation.

It is often difficult for a building manager to know exactly how many keys are in circulation, or who they belong to. Building extension(s), or making new premises secure, etc. very often leads to an increase in the number of keys. This makes day-to-day key management a major challenge. It can also happen that some keys are duplicated without the manager’s approval. This is referred to as unauthorised key duplication! This can prove highly dangerous, threatening the security of your equipment and facilities.
The C.I.S.M. Key system will help you limit the number of keys you hold, thereby guaranteeing maximum security at all the premises that you have to protect: our keys cannot be duplicated!


■ Our experts will help you create a custom-designed key system

Imagine, optimise and achieve control over the flow of persons using a custom-designed key system that is specifically tailored to your needs. Our teams are ready to assist you in this process by providing their specialist knowledge and expertise in the field. A successful key system partly depends on an in-depth understanding of the customer’s initial problem and partly on summarising and identifying the strategic points that our experts can offer you.

An optimised key system guarantees optimal security while also reducing intervention times by authorised personnel. The C.I.S.M. Key system simplifies day-to-day key management and provides users and managers with a highly flexible use solution.

Do you have any projects in the pipeline?
Integrate extensions as from the key system’s design stage to ensure its use flexibility and upgradeability with respect to your business activity.


■ C.I.S.M. goes even further… and unveils its multiproduct key!

clé CISMYou would like to have a single, unique key to open your cylinders on doors, gates, electrical cabinets, padlocks, etc., while simultaneously setting up a key system?

Our multiproduct key lets you do this!