Right-handed simple padlocks

SKU number : XC

Our magnetic padlocks have the same features as traditional padlocks.

The added bonus? They are completely pick-proof. It will be impossible for a vandal to open the lock, and the magnetic coding system is a deterrent. Additionally, our padlocks are highly valued in difficult environments because their materials are very durable. An effective security solution that has proven itself and satisfies our customers in many areas of activity.





Patented magnetic coding

  • Hole-free
  • Burglar-proof / Stop Picking
  • Protection against theft and vandalism
  • Energy source free


  • Stainless steel and reinforced steel body
  • Single key pattern or keyed alike
  • Key system on demand
  • Numbered cylinders and keys
  • Closure by simple pressure "click and lock"

Magnetic key : CLEO-CE

  • Captive key
  • Compatible with ATLAS and EPSY products
  • 48H key duplication service

Our magnetic padlocks can be used in many cases: to secure furniture, boxes, gates…

Like a traditional padlock, just find the model that best meets your needs (right-handed, curved, one or two entries…). Our XC padlocks are highly appreciated for securing textile containers, which are regularly stolen and vandalized. They allow for a significant decrease in these acts.