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Ball bearing insert lock cylinder

SKU number : S10R-G-5010

Our S10R-G-5010 ball bearing lock cylinder allows for locking and unlocking a system through the action of two balls.

This type of lock cylinder is considered one of the most secure due to its unique design and the quality of its manufacturing materials. Our ball bearing lock cylinders are resistant to attacks through picking, drilling, or manipulation, and they are very easy to install on different types of equipment.



Patented magnetic coding

  • Hole-free, highly resistant to spraying, various detergents and cleaning products
  • Burglar-proof / Stop Picking
  • Protection against theft and vandalism
  • Restricts access to our sensitive equipments : containers, vending, protection structures...


  • Anti-Bumping
  • Numbered cylinders and keys
  • Single key pattern or keyed alike
  • Key System on demand

Magnetic key : CLEO-CE

  • Captive key
  • Quarter-turn manoeuvre
  • Compatible with ATLAS and EPSY products
  • 48H key duplication service

Our ball bearing lock cylinders can be installed on a wide range of supports.

They are generally well-liked in the vending industry, on mailbox units, cabinets, and other places where enhanced security is required (entry doors, etc.).