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Cylinder insert

SKU number : B19R-I-6010

The B19R-I-6010 cylinder is the most common model of insert cylinders.

Its ingeniously designed magnetic coding system limits access to your sensitive equipment and protects them against theft and vandalism. Your vending machines, dispensers, and cabinets are secured and easily accessible to authorized personnel. A good balance between ease of access and security !




Patented magnetic coding

  • Hole-free, highly resistant to spraying, various detergents and cleaning products
  • Burglar-proof / Stop Picking
  • Protection against theft and vandalism
  • Restricts access to your sensitive equipment: cabinets electrical, hatches, vending, etc.


  • Anti-Bumping
  • Numbered cylinders and keys
  • Single key pattern or keyed alike
  • Key System on demand

Magnetic key : CLEO-CE

  • Captive key
  • Quarter-turn manoeuvre
  • Compatible with ATLAS and EPSY products
  • 48H key duplication service

This reference is specially designed to be inserted in our T-handles.

It secures many different types of equipment such as electrical cabinets and boxes, office furniture, and floor traps. For more information, feel free to contact us.