Anti-theft kit for lighting column hatches


The access hatches of the candelabra used for maintenance are subject to frequent burglaries for the theft of cable related to the presence of copper but also free vandalism. Current solutions are not ideal. The closure systems used are easily destroyed. The option to weld the light tower doors or raise them to a height of 3 metres is very restrictive for maintenance personnel.
The lighting masts are made of various materials, steel, aluminum, wood, cast iron, and have various shapes, tubular, octagonal, cylindro-conic, or octaconic. So many different shapes that forced our technical teams to imagine a universal anti-theft kit.

This kit consists of our patented STARBOLT screw, a tilting cam, non-removable screws and a specific tool offering dedicated coding to meet the expectations of the street lighting market. The tilting cam is hidden inside the mast and can be easily installed in a few minutes. The STARBOLT anti-theft screw allows a play catch-up and a perfect fit between the door and the candelabra. 

Our anti-theft kit dedicated to candelabra doors is a solution that offers both security guarantees while maintaining a very good ease of access.



■ Installation of the anti-theft kit on new lighting column doors


Kit sur mâts neufsOur kit is installed on new lightning columnn doors, regardless of the manufacturer and the material used: metal, aluminum, wood, concrete, composite etc… It only takes a single hole on the door beforehand to install our anti-theft kit.

Most of the time, it is installed by simple welding and nothing protrudes outside. We thus obtain an original solution as effective as aesthetic.






■ Installing the anti-theft kit on existing lighting column doors


Kit sur mâts existants

Our vandal-proof kit fits easily on all candelabra doors by simple drilling which greatly facilitates the installation on the candelabra already installed.

The installation template and the installation instructions are provided in the drilling kit in order to have the necessary during the intervention.