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KSB anti-theft kit for lighting column hatches


■ Universal fit by simple drilling on all hatches

Lighting column inspection hatches, used for maintenance, are often broken into to steal the cables for their copper content, and also just for pure vandalism. The solutions currently available are not ideal. The locking systems are easy to break and the option of welding lighting column hatches is highly work-intensive for maintenance personnel.

Our KSB anti-theft kit designed specially for lighting columns is a solution that provides both guaranteed security while retaining ease-of-access. Supported by its expertise in magnetic coding technology, CISM has designed a screw and related tool with a unique dedicated coding that meets the expectations of the public lighting market.

Lighting columns are made of a variety of materials including steel, aluminium, wood, cast iron, and take many different forms – tubular, octagonal, cylindrical-conical or octagonal-conical. A wealth of differing shapes that meant our technical teams had to come up with a design for a universal anti-theft kit.

This kit comprises our patented STARBOLT screw, a tilting cam and captive screws. The STARBOLT anti-theft screw is self-adjusting, thereby providing a perfect fit between the hatch and the lighting column. The tilting cam is hidden inside the column and can be fitted easily in just a few minutes.


Download the assembly instructions: Drilling the hatch, installing the butt and mounting the screw.


porte candélabre vue de face avec les côtes de montage du kit antivol KSBOur KSB anti-vandal kit adapts easily to fit any lighting column hatch by simple drilling, which makes it much easier to fit on existing lighting columns.

Just send us the hatch dimensions (dimension B) along with your order in addition to the centre-distance between the existing screw hole and the top of the hatch (dimension A).