CISM & SOCREHA partnership

SOCREHA develops your automatic distributor spaces



Vending partner

SOCREHA designs comfortable and attractive areas for relaxation. These user-friendly relaxation areas are arranged around automatic distributors of all sorts, offering hot and cold drinks, or even sweets and snacks.
SOCREHA is a market leader in the design of these relaxation areas. We bring together colours, materials, design, retro-lighting and a whole raft of other tips and tricks of the trade to ensure users a comfortable and attractive environment. Whether for a business or an institution, our personalised decors integrating the client’s logos or graphic charter requirements mark our determination to stand out by providing a custom-designed service tailored to the customer’s needs.
Depending on the public or private nature of the location, managers are faced with the risk of theft or vandalism. Our partnership with CISM allows us to supplement our product offer with solutions for making automatic distributors secure using hole-free, magnetically-coded locks.e.

  • CISM and SOCREHA – working together to make your automatic distributors secure
  • Design of interior and exterior arrangements: efficient use of space
  • Custom design: personalised decors tailored to fit the company image (colours, logo, etc.)

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■ Choose from a range of armoured or decorative doors!

There is a huge range of automatic distributor models available on the Vending machine market.
Each machine manufacturer has their own set of specific features with the focus on “custom-designs” that are closely tailored to the customer’s requirements, whether in terms of basic design or adapting locking systems to fit the need. CISM and SOCREHA have pooled their skills and expertise to ensure the best solution for each situation. From simple decorative doors to armoured doors, there is a solution for every situation depending on the risk exposure profile.
CISM’s patented, hole-free magnetic coding concept has spearheaded developments in securing automatic distributors and designing armoured doors.
T-handles fitted with a cylinder insert, cam locks or latch-lock systems developed by CISM are widely used on the Vending market. These products can be adapted to fit all the AD machines on the market: NECTA, BIANCHI, JOFEMAR, SIELAFF, WURTLIZER, ZANUSSI, SAECO, RHEAVENDORS, VENDO, etc.

All these locks are interchangeable on AD – no modification needed.

CISM high-security padlocks, CAD-XC model, are a popular choice for making these areas secure, where the primary aim is to make sure they remain a friendly, convivial space for the people that use them.

  • Armoured and decorative doors
  • Hole-free cylinders compatible with all AD brands

barillet sans orifice monté dans poignée en Tserrure sans orifice dans poignée en T pour distributeurs automatiques