Work premises: businesses, warehouses, workshops, private rooms.

Access control: the SOLEA electronically controlled door handle


Nearly half of all burglaries in France involve work premises and, more often than not, burglars enter via the door.

To protect work premises, there are two supplementary types of protection available: mechanical protection and electronic protection.

Mechanical protection can be used to dissuade, delay or prevent criminal intrusions. It is vital that all rooms are fitted with high-security locks, and also with protective shutters or grilles on certain vulnerable doors or entry points..

Electronic protection systems supplement mechanical protection by enabling the rapid detection of intrusions and alerting guard services as quickly as possible.

There are a few simple rules that can limit the risks of theft and intrusion. One of these involves listing, and then managing, all the comings and goings of individuals by installing an access control system. This system lets you check when people are circulating in the area, and to identify them. Another basic rule is to limit and identify the number of persons who have access to the keys.

If a work premises is burgled repeatedly, this indicates that its protection system is not suited to the risk. In this case, it is advisable to get a security professional to audit and identify vulnerable doors and entry points to the premises. On completing the audit, the latter will decide which is the most appropriate solution to install that will guarantee the best level of protection: tele surveillance, video surveillance, access control, safety locks, etc.

CISM proposes the SOLEA electronically controlled door handle, simple to fit, and that can be combined with an ATLAS hole-free anti-vandal cylinder, thus providing the best guarantee against risks of intrusion.