Transport infrastructures


Security of transport infrastructures: magnetically-coded copy-protected keys and hole-free cylinders recommended for harsh environments.

All governments place a high priority on the security of their transport infrastructures. Involving the movement of equipment, people, and miscellaneous products that can be hazardous, these infrastructures must be strictly monitored at all times. They must also provide the best possible protection in the face of terrorist acts and, above all, all acts of vandalism or fraud..

Some of these acts may occur due to the circulation of stolen or unlawfully copied keys, providing access to areas that are normally off limits to the public, for instance enabling taggers to spray graffiti in forbidden areas.

This may also involve keys that open motorways reserved for emergency intervention units (gendarmerie, fire brigade, DDE [departmental equipment directorate]) enabling some vehicle drivers to avoid paying toll charges. These acts of fraud or vandalism have no direct repercussion on the safety of users. However, other offences such as the theft of copper power lines or the vandalism of surveillance cameras can have far more serious consequences.

CISM’s unique, patented magnetic coding concept provides guaranteed protection against all unauthorised key duplication. Keys cannot be duplicated unless the ownership card and its associated confidential code is provided. In addition, it is physically impossible to duplicate the keys outside of CISM workshops.

Transport infrastructures are also regularly exposed to harsh climatic and environmental conditions (pollution, sand, frost). The CISM hole-free cylinder provides the perfect solution.

Infrastructures de transport

Transport infrastructures

Cylindre sans orifice

Hole-free cylinder

Clef de sécurité CISM

CISM safety key


CISM key