Public lighting – Cam lock


A hole-free cam lock designed to protect urban furniture against vandalism


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Epsy anti-intrusion cam lock

Urban furniture and public lighting are regular targets of malicious acts.They form part of our everyday environment and are often stolen, tagged with graffiti or broken. All this obviously represents a significant cost for municipalities. Manufacturers of lighting columns for bus shelters, display panels, and so on, are always on the lookout for effective solutions that help protect against these increasing acts of vandalism.

For instance, lighting column hatches, used for maintenance, are often broken into to steal the copper cables inside. Placing hatches at height on the columns or welding them closed is one solution that is used, but this remains very costly and challenging.

Drives to meet new ecology and energy-saving requirements means focusing on the use of increasingly sophisticated technological equipment. This has a major impact on the energy bill, which can represent up to 50% of electricity expenditure. To meet these challenges, we are seeing increased use of energy-efficient LEDs allied with the establishment of time slots for night-time lighting management. Public lighting has two fundamental aims: to ensure road safety and the safety of people and property and has been the focus of particular consideration over the last few years.

One of the essential goals in this situation is the search for anti-vandal solutions.

While urban furniture is less likely to be stolen, vandals often inflict deliberate damage by breaking glass facings (1000 acts of vandalism every year on DECAUX displays) or ripping off display panels to steal the posters inside.

CISM offers urban furniture manufacturers a lock that is the only one of its kind in the world: the Epsy cam lock. This lock has a hole-free cylinder, making it resistant to intrusion and the insertion of foreign objects.