Automatic distributors, change machines, self-service machine.


New product: CISM is adding the cylinder insert adapted to fit T-handles to its Vending machine range.

Vending machines, generally referred to as automatic distributors, have become an essential part of everyday life. In both public and private spaces, drinks, sweets, snacking, can now be accessed round the clock. Installed in businesses, rail stations, social institutions, petrol stations, they will soon be found everywhere…in hotels, museums, bakers, and so on. This continuously changing market will also have to expand its ever more innovative services.

Change machines incorporated into automatic distributors, frequently the object of theft and break-ins, will have to be fitted with secure locks, preferably unpickable and burglar-proof.

CISM’s hole-free anti-vandal cylinder lock provides the perfect solution to risks of lock picking. Another advantage of this cylinder is that it requires no power supply and can replace the existing cylinder simply and easily in a matter of minutes. A unique, magnetically-coded key, guaranteed copy-protected, simplifies the management of vending machines with no risk of illegal key duplication.

In future, change machines, that can be incorporated into other types of machine, will be protected against all forms of intrusion