Reception area for traveller communities

Atlas and Vector locks

CISM Atlas and Vector locks – favoured by municipalities.

Generally installed away from urban areas, reception areas for traveller communities, waste collection centres, or collective facilities are often vandalised due to their remoteness.

Since 5 July 2000, the Besson law requires municipalities numbering over 5,000 inhabitants to set up reception areas for traveller communities. These reception areas are equipped with sanitary facilities and technical rooms that suffer frequent and repeated vandalism. Managers of these areas are therefore always seeking solutions to improve the protection of these infrastructures.

Waste collection centres are also increasingly affected by all kinds of damage and destruction. Many unauthorised visitors try to enter these sites outside opening times. They search through the containers looking to recuperate metals and other objects. In addition to the risks of accidents for which the managers may be held liable, there are many instances of damage to gates, fences, guard cabins or even the selective sorting containers themselves.

verrou Vector

Vector lock

Serrures Vector et Atlas

Vector and Atlas locks for parking areas

There are several possible solutions, including the installation of anti-vandal locks on the doors to technical rooms, entry gates or even on the waste containers. CISM, supported by the managers of these facilities, has already provided effective solutions in several municipalities.

By replacing their standard cylinders with Atlas magnetic cylinders, or by fitting Vector anti-vandal locks, municipalities have been able to significantly reduce their anti-vandal expenditure.

Cylindres ATLAS

ATLAS Cylinders