Frequently asked questions


How does this differ from a conventional system?

In a conventional locking system, the mechanism is blocked by an assembly of small pistons that act as thrust pins when the lock is activated. When the key is inserted, the pistons are pushed back mechanically according to the key’s geometric profile. In the concept developed by C.I.S.M., the pistons are subject to high-precision displacement by combining controlled and channelled magnetic fields. The pistons move in the “rotor-stator” assembly with no mechanical action.
This concept has enabled the development of a hole-free locking system. There is no mechanical contact between the key and the lock pistons. This makes it impossible to pick the lock cylinders.

Could this be affected in any way by another magnetic source? In other words, can the lock be opened with another magnet?

There is absolutely no possibility of releasing the lock using another magnetic source.
The permanent magnets used in our systems all react to a very wide range of differing polarities. In addition, our magnets do not react with any and every magnetic source and unlocking the rotor-stator assembly requires associating a given socket on the key element with the appropriate component in the locking system. All this is multiplied by the number of components.

All the keys appear to be identical…how do they differ?

There is no apparent difference between the keys. It is the internal coding specific to each key that makes it unique. This will protect you against any attempts at unauthorised duplication. The keys can only be duplicated in our workshops here at CISM. The C.I.S.M. Key is copy protected.
We have created a highly sophisticated confidentiality system which means that the keys can only be duplicated by returning the hidden code found on the ownership card delivered with our products.
When we deliver a product, you become the sole owner of one of the links in the chain that authorises the key’s duplication. This guarantees confidentiality.

Is the system reliable over time?

Your grandparent compass is still working…even if the magnetic North has moved slightly!!! Seriously though, the permanent magnets we use in our locking systems are fully reliable and retain their magnetic properties. They are stable and do not change over time.

Is it possible to change the code for a given key or lock?

This operation is impossible. The key codings are performed in our workshops and are not modifiable.