Ownership card and key duplication


The high-security products delivered by C.I.S.M. always include a unique ownership card. The holder of this card becomes the sole owner of the management and duplication rights over the key patterns relating to the products (keys, Euro cylinders, locks, cam locks, etc.). The confidential code, hidden at the time of card delivery, is essential for ordering any later duplications after the initial product delivery.

carte de propriété CISMFor key systems, C.I.S.M. Delivers a unique ownership card that covers all the products and keys, together with all the necessary documents for proper the system’s proper management. Where applicable, a procedure aligned with the customer’s desired confidentiality level can also be set up. (e.g. authentication of card managers in the event of duplication requests). C.I.S.M. keys and products can only be duplicated in the company’s own workshops. This prevents any risk of dispersion and ensures full end-to-end control of the duplication process.