Custom lock design and development

In addition to developing highly standardised products for the industrial locking solution sector, the CISM design office has been tasked with designing custom-built locks.

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Our strategic development outlook is strongly based on our ability to develop specific locking solutions in response to a highly diverse set of market challenges: security, vandalism, corrosion, PPE, to name just a few.

Our expertise in the performance of these customized studies is widely recognised by key industry players. Under a non-disclosure agreement, we develop customized locking solutions tailored closely to our clients’ specifications. A dedicated contact steers the whole design process end-to-end. The proximity of our manufacturing department ensures we have the flexibility and rapid-response times essential to the successful completion of such projects.

The integration of our patented magnetic technology concept opens up some often surprising opportunities: hole-free cylinders, tamper-proof keys, materials suited to hostile environments, etc. A raft of innovative solutions for each problem.

  • Non-disclosure agreement
  • A dedicated contact who will assist you throughout your project
  • Made in France


◢ A design office focused on your needs

Under this customized lock development strategy, the design office has a very broad mission scope. As soon as the need is expressed, the design office draws up a set of high-precision specifications jointly with our customers’ technical contacts. This may involve the development of new products or a requirement to upgrade an existing product.

Bureau d'études équipé de stations CAO 3D

Dessinateur en charge d’un projet de conception de serrure sur mesure

The design office is also responsible for the project’s overall timeframe. It is also equipped with high-performance 3D design software. This enables the performance of sophisticated simulations that integrate all the technical constraints, in addition to a presentation of all possible options at every stage of the project.

Our dynamic and fast-acting teams plays a vital role in the success of your project. The design office also produces prototypes for design validation and conducts sales presentations.

  • Specifications, prototypes, site manufacture
  • Compliance with project costs and lead times


◢ A locking solution for each locking issue

Whatever the issue and its related environment, CISM can provide an appropriate innovative locking solution. Our magnetic coding concept represents a technological breakthrough that stands apart from all other products currently available on the locking solution market.

Broken keys, corrosion and blocked cylinders, use in hostile environments that can result in locks seizing up (frost, industrial dust, coastal environments, etc.) – our hole-free concept provides the ideal solution.

Our expertise grows year-on-year with successive project developments. Whether as part of a market launch drive for anti-vandalism products dedicated to certain, specific markets such as Vending or public lighting, or when integrating the magnetic coding concept into specific Personal Protective Equipment, our design office has demonstrated its ability to imagine, design and develop the products of tomorrow.