CISM company


■ Award-winning Tech company recognised for its innovative design solutions

C.I.S.M., an award-winning Tech company recognised for its innovative design solutions, (Design and Innovation in the field of Magnetic Security) is a French-held company with its head office in CLERMONT-FERRAND 63 in the heart of the Auvergne volcanoes region.

We design and manufacture high-security locking systems and provide professionals in the housing sector, industry, local authorities or the commercial sector with high-end products such as magnetic Euro cylinders, security locking systems, cam locks, padlocks, access control solutions, etc.

Our groundbreaking concept for a key + magnetic coding module, hole-free and with no external power source, means that we are able to meet our clients’ expectations for any domain or application that requires an advance secure locking system. Our pioneering technology, that combines simple installation with ease of use, delivers many advantages in ensuring the security of sensitive sites and equipment.


■ PATENT: Foolproof magnetic coding system

Our product designs, some of which were developed under a project co-financed by the European Union (European Regional Development Fund – ERDF), are based on a novel patented magnetic coding principle.

The patented design of the single and multiproducts key guarantees that they are non-copyable and our ownership card ensures full control over key duplications. Our products are recommended to deal with risks such as vandalism, blocking with foreign bodies, corrosion, or attack by sand or frost, for instance.

The features unique to our products mean we can provide solutions to security issues across a wide spectrum of sectors. Many major clients have already adopted our magnetic key solution to secure their equipment and facilities:

  • Industrial sites,
  • Pharmaceutical laboratories,
  • Transport infrastructures,
  • Water distribution management,
  • Public lighting management,
  • High schools and universities,
  • Local authorities,
  • Equipment manufacturers,
  • Applications in humid and corrosive environments (ports and coastal areas),
  • Etc…


■ Values and People

Focused on innovation and driven by a permanent quest to achieve the highest possible level of quality and performance, the team at C.I.S.M. is your preferred partner in seeking solutions for your security requirements.

Our technical department is ready to assist you in meeting all your needs and specific adaptations or to help you design an optimised and custom-designed key system for your application.