Electrical cabinets


Magnetically-coded cam lock

Magnetically-coded cam lock: an effective anti-intrusion and anti-corrosion solution suitable for electrical cabinets

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Magnetically-coded Premium cam lock, guaranteed anti-intrusion and anti-corrosion

Most electrical boxes or cabinets used in the rail, maritime, road signalling, telecommunications or renewable energies sectors are installed in harsh climatic or industrial environments.

In all cases, these environments dictate a need for extremely high durability or resistance to corrosion.

By integrating a CISM cam lock, installers or manufacturers of electrical cabinets provide real value added allied with guaranteed robustness and resistance to corrosion. Due to its patented technology and hole-free design, the magnetically-coded cam lock offers another unbeatable advantage: its unrivalled anti-intrusion system.

In addition to an anti-vandal solution designed to limit both the theft of equipment and the consequences of such theft, technical equipment managers also have to give the highest priority to ensuring that people are protected against electrical risks. EPSY or PREMIUM cam locks incorporate the magnetic flow coding concept developed by CISM. Cam lock keys are copy-protected and delivered with an ownership card. Only authorised personnel are allowed to access the equipment under their responsibility.