Security is our business!



There are over 450 burglaries in France every day…and how many attempted break-ins! All the studies prove that we are seeing a steady year-on-year increase in our security requirements. Private individuals, local authority managers or managers of industrial premises or sensitive facilities – we are all experiencing a growing need for enhanced control and protection of our property, our data and our sensitive equipment and facilities. The first step to introduce when making secure is to ensure the physical protection of access to premises. Successful intrusions are always carried out very fast, aided by the vulnerability of certain locking systems.

The first line of defence is dissuasion induced by on-site equipment. This specifically concerns the type of door as well as the types of lock and cylinder used.



■ We help you better protect your premises

Most intrusions are made by picking the locks. This technique involves inserting an appropriate tool into the lock barrel, and then pushing or wiggling it to release the components that block rotor rotation.

CISM’s multiproduct magnetic key is specifically designed to activate mobile components by means of magnetically-coded sources with no physical contact with the pistons. All cylinders are hole-free. Our product design means the locks are unpickable. Imagine the reaction of person in a hurry faced with a door fitted with an ATLAS Euro cylinder…that is hole-free, unpickable and tamper-proof!

“Taking a protective approach means identifying the weak link in a chain… the ATLAS cylinder is a strong link.”

We have received numerous reports following repeated burglaries on premises with or without ATLAS cylinders…dissuasion has proved its worth… Doors fitted with our magnetic, unpickable cylinders have resisted intruders.


■ CISM makes your day-to-day life easier

cylindre cism

Managing entrance points provides people responsible for buildings or security with a major challenge. We can provide an access control solution that is specially tailored to meet your needs.

With the CISM magnetic key, you are guaranteed full control over the duplication of your keys thereby ensuring the impossibility of unauthorised copies. Our unique, patented key coding design makes it impossible to duplicate the keys outside of our own workshops. This is absolutely vital to ensure full control over your access management system. We are committed to offering our customers the best possible service. Our design office is supported by the CISM sales team, which will also assist you in developing your own custom-designed key system and effectively streamlining the management of your equipment and facilities.