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STARBOLT magnetically-coded anti-theft screw | Patented


■ The revolutionary screw with a detachable head!

> Magnetic coding: the only solution that is fully copy protected

> Reusable, no external power source, custom-designed coding


Vis inviolable à codage magnétique STARBOLT

Anti-theft screw with disengaging head

Use our STARBOLT anti-theft screw to protect your equipment from theft, vandalism or unintentional removal by unauthorised persons. STARBOLT is a high-security anti-vandal screw, tamper-proof and impossible to duplicate, specially suited to protecting sensitive facilities. It can also easily replace a lead seal.

This screw with its detachable head and its assembly tool boast an advanced technology developed and patented by CISM: magnetic flux coding.

  • Anti-theft screw with detachable head
  • Traceability: custom-designed magnetic coding




The whole coded module located in the head both of the screw and the internal release key is sheathed and fully leaktight. This makes the products particularly suitable for hostile environments (vandalism, corrosion, presence of sand, moisture, frost, etc.)


Exploded view of the assembly tool:


Operating principle of the high-security screw

The head is locked or unlocked by bringing magnets located in the head of the screw and in one end of the assembly tool into contact (coded key). When the central screw section is rotated a quarter turn using the appropriate coded key, the head attaches to the threaded section thus making it possible to unscrew the screw.

To apply the required tightening torque to the STARBOLT anti-vandal screw, replace the internal key in the adapter sleeve and use the Allen key.


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